£70 Colonic Hydrotherapy with free kinesiology testing.

Free check for viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites, toxic metals, radiation and chemicals. 

I'm a Naturopathic practitioner that specialises in colonics and kinesiology at the Castle Street Clinic in Guildford. I've been practising colonic hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation as a member of ARCH for over 10 years. Castle Street clinic has been established for over 20 years, it is very close to Guildfords medieval castle. 

Colonics are great for making you feel more comfortable and less bloated very quickly. If you are new to them then 2-3 is the average amount to start with to help make a difference to your well being.  (Although just one is fine, it's entirely up to you) Most people are nervous for the first one and this, along with dehydration can reduce the effectiveness of how much matter is released. 

Did you know that 80% of your immune system happens in your digestive tract? Colon cancer is the second biggest killer in Britain. It has been said that the UK is one of the most constipated nations in the world, where one in three people consulting their GP have a bowel problem.

The following are some of the symptoms that may result from poor elimination:

Skin problems
Brain fog (difficulty concentrating)
Fatigue or sluggishness
Constipation or diarrhoea 
Lower back pain
Neck and shoulder pain

In an ideal world we would have a bowel movement after every meal, but most of us are happy with once a day. Some people are unaware that we can still be constipated even if we are having a daily bowel movement. 

As a therapist, what do I consider the most important thing a colonic can do for you?

It can help to regulate and maintain a normal pH in the gut. This means removing the bad bacteria and allowing the good bacteria, which is naturally made in the colon, to thrive. 

What happens when everything you eat makes you feel bloated, irritable and tired? At this stage probiotics seem to make things worse. 

What is happening?

The bad bacteria is starting to outnumber the good bacteria. As this happens the gut becomes more alkaline. This is fine in other parts of the body but not the gut. The gut needs to be more acidic to help kill off parasites, bugs and unwanted microbes. The more alkaline the gut, the more chance of attracting unwanted bacteria, yeasts and molds. We literally feel rotten! 

The large intestine absorbs minerals and water. Over time, waste matter can gradually build up and stick to the walls of the intestines and become impacted in certain areas. This build up can eventually stop us from assimilating nutrients from the diet, it makes the colon heavy, adding to weight in the abdomen and placing more stress on other organs like the liver, leading to more frequent headaches and illness.

A congested colon may cause nutrient deficiency disease, regardless of how many supplements a person may take. A lot of health problems are deficiency disorders. Traditionally the colon has been a self cleaning organ. It does this by sweeping a very fine layer of white fluffy mucus along the gut to collect harmful microbes and clear them away. This is to protect against inflammation. However, our modern lifestyle, stress, poor food choices and alcohol consumption results in the colon producing too much mucus. This can stay in the colon for too long making things very sticky and attractive to the wrong type of bacteria and parasites.

Clumps of thick yellow mucus are one of the most common things seen during a colonic, along with stool, undigested food, yeast and some bacteria. This is what you can see. What you can't see are the trillions of unwanted microbes being removed to allow the gut to resume fermenting good bacteria to get you back on track. 

In my opinion, regular cleansing of the colon can play an important part in restoring and maintaining intestinal & general health.