I decided to have a course of colonic hydrotherapy treatments to help my problems with digestion and candida. Although a little nervous, I found the whole experience truly exhilarating. Helen was very professional and spoke with me about my diet and what to expect from each of the sessions. That first session was amazing, I just felt so much lighter and thoroughly cleansed. Each and every session made me more aware of how I should care for my inner self rather than just my outer self. I became more conscious of what I was eating and putting into my body. I had a problem with itchy skin and dry patches which became non-existent after the colonic hydrotherapy. My eyes were brighter and my nails became less brittle. I would recommend anyone for this treatment whether you have a route problem or not, keeping your system "tip-top" is paramount.  

-  Diana G, Beckenham​


Thank you Helen. My health and vitality have improved with colonic hydrotherapy. I feel amazing.

- Eugenie P, Lewisham

I have been aware of the benefits of colonic irrigation for many years but never felt that I had a serious enough complaint to warrant having a treatment. However I did feel sluggish one winter and decided to see if it made a difference to how I felt. After a consultation with Helen I went ahead and felt an immediate difference. My energy level increased and I felt somehow less bloated too. I have since had several more treatments spread over a few years and with Helen's nutritional advice along the way I have improved my energy levels, sense of vitality and general wellbeing.  

Melanie W, Orpington