How it works

For your colonic at Castle Street Clinic in Guildford, the Dotolo machine system is used. This is a gentle procedure, where warm, purified water flows into the colon without force. Many people think this is less gentle than the gravity system but having worked with woods gravity for 10 years, I find that's not the case. The water flow can be controlled to a trickle if needed to allow a sympathetic treatment tailored to the individual, whereas gravity has one flow. The Dotolo machine has a UV filter that helps to remove parasites, a carbon filter to remove flouride and 2 particle filters.  

Clients have reported less cramping and discomfort with the same great result. 

We use disposable equipment only, in accordance with the strict Colonic Association guidelines. 

It is quite normal to be nervous for your first colonic as you are not quite sure what to expect. I will talk you through the procedure and how it feels. Please be reassured that your dignity and privacy are respected at all times. The colonic takes around 45 minutes, sometimes longer if needed. Please allow 1.30hrs for your first treatment.

I couldn't believe how wonderful I felt after my first colonic. I immediately felt lighter and less bloated. My jeans felt more comfortable, I had increased energy levels and clearer skin. Carrie T, Penge.

On making the appointment we will send you a form to complete and bring with you. The initial consultation can take from 5 to 20 minutes where we will discuss your general and colon health. 

Once the colonic has been performed, it is standard practice to sit on the toilet for a few minutes afterwards to release any excess water. The loo is en suite, and used for colonic hydrotherapy only. You do not have to leave the colonic room.

Your dignity and privacy is preserved at all times.